Basic Six Words that define Visishta-Advaita

The Basic Six Words that define Visishta-Advaita according to Brahmam:
  1. Ahameva Paramtatvam – Sriman Narayan is the Supreme-most God/ Supreme-most Being – the Supreme-most Principle/Supreme-most Truth.
  2. Darishanam Bedayevacha – Individual jeevathmas (souls) are different from Sriman Narayana – the Brahmam and the Paramatma, but are a part of the Brahmam. Sriman Nayana and souls are different (Bheda).
  3. Upayayeshu Prapathischaath – Prapatti (surrender) is the means to attain salvation. By faith and surrender alone shall anyone reach Sriman Naraya, their only salvation.
  4. Antimastriti Varjanam – Last remembrance of the Sriman Naraya on the part of the departing soul is NOT necessary. Thought of Brahmam at the time of death is NOT compulsory.
  5. Dehavasane Muktisyaath – Moksha can be obtained only on laying off the mortal body. Release from bondage (Moksha) follows immediately on death.
  6. Poornaacharya Samashraya – One must undergo SamashrayaNam as soon as possible from a qualified SriVaishnava Acharya. Choose Mahapurna as your spiritual teacher (Acharya)
Sri Varadaraja Deva PerumalKanchi Varadaraja ThayarKancheepuram Garuda Seva 5
The Lord of Kanchi himself (Sri Varadaraja Perumal) told these six statements to Sri Bhagavad Ramanujacharya's assertive queries through Sri Thirukachi Nambi. Swami EmperumaaNNar asked these to the Lord to show to the world, what the real truth was.

These are Absolute truths which must be understood by EVERY INDIVIDUAL irrespective of caste, position, condition, age which one is currently in. These have been acknowledged by the lord himself, so have no doubts about this. Being a Sreevaishnava, one has to realize: The Absolute Brahmam (Iswara) is Shreeman Naaraayanan who is
  • Lord of Shree, Ever United with Shree
  • Unchanging, knowledge-self, infinite, blissful, and absolute pure nature
  • The material cause and instrumental cause of the universe (all sentient souls and insentient matter)
  • Having the material worlds (universe) and transcendental world as his body and he being the soul
  • Having divine transcendental body (in five modes – Para, Vyuha, Vibhava, Antaryaami Haarda Roopa and Archa)
  • Untouched by all impurities of the universe
  • Having infinite divine attributes
  • Having as his sport, creation, sustenance, and destruction of all material worlds.
Having said all these, one can ask, what is the relationship between us and the Lord to know so much. Well, with this current janma, one cannot get absolute knowledge as it is very limited one can know, within that here is a glimpse from basics of Visishta-Advaita which EVERY SRIVAISHNAVA MUST KNOW.