Everyday common-place Gurus

Everyday common-place Gurus for Avadoota

A dialog between Yadu Maharaja and Avadootha Sanyasi as narrated by Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita:

  1. Prthvi/Earth – Mother who lives for us. Gives us food even though we throw garbage back on her lap. Do things without expecting anything in return.
  2. Vayu/Wind – Carries fragrance/smell/odor of anywhere it flows through. It serves as a perfect carrier without getting bogged down by what it carries. Jeevathma should elevate itself and grow beyond the body. Do not get attached to the body.
  3. Akaasha/Sky/Ether – Omnipresent - present everywhere and not connected. All principles are available everywhere in everyone. Permeates into everyone. All are equal.
  4. Apah/Water – It is clear. Use it to clean anything that it comes in contact with. Doesn't discriminate what it cleans. Jeevathma should purify anyone who comes in contact with me.
  5. Agni/fire – Purifying agent. Put anything into it, converts it to ash. Feed garbage or fee ghee, it consumes it. Burn everything bad. Burning here means, getting out of attachment. Bad should be burnt by me. Be what you are. Fire takes a form of the object being burnt. Jeevathma behaves based on the body it takes. Do not have any attachment to material pleasures
  6. Chandra/Moon – We think that during Krishnapaksha it deteriorates. Amavasa – no moon, Shuklapaksha it grows even though moon remains the same. Similarly, there is no way Jeevathma can feel stress or strain or pleasure or pain. The body accumulates paava and punya. The Jeevathma stays the same always. Material pleasures get you into pain ultimately.
  7. Surya/Sun – Surya remains where he is. All planets rotate around him. We say sun rises in East, etc. We say sun gets hot/cold. In reality sun's temperature is the same always. Jeevathma is full of knowledge always and it always glows. Body hides the Jeevathma through agnyana. Remove the screen of the body and allow your Jeevathma to glow.
  8. Pigeon – Stay away from someone else's problem. Stay away and think over our problems instead of getting attached to samsara.
  9. Python – It never moves - remains where it is. It can consume anything that comes its way be it an elephant, or a snail. Wait for the opportune moment, and make use of it. A lion to have its food has to run faster than the slowest deer in the forest. For the deer to save its life, it has to run faster than the fastest lion in the forest. Everyone runs to survive. Python waits and strikes at the right moment.
  10. Ocean – You cant churn an ocean. You cant find its depth or all its banks. A Knowledgeable person is like an ocean. If you have a very firm belief in your Shastras no one can change you.
  11. Firefly – Do not fall prey to whatever you see/hear in the world and get killed like a firefly.
  12. Honey Bee – Take only the good part from anything you come in contact with just like bee only collects the essence from any flower it encounters and leaves its unwanted portions. Choose wisely, take the good from everything you come across. Forget the bad and take only the good from everyone.
  13. Elephant – Full of Kama. Don't focus on bodily pleasures like the elephant, it is not long lasting. It wont lead you anywhere.
  14. Hunter – Kills so many animals and enjoys everything that he hunts. Sanyasi enjoys wealth of gruhasta. Honeybee saves, hunter enjoys. Once you become detached from worldly pleasures, you can enjoy bliss.
  15. Deer – Don't get carried away/drawn by anything. Hunter uses music to get a deer. Don't get attracted and drawn to anything.
  16. Fish – Fish loves to eat food from the fish hook and gets killed. Don't get carried away by Rajasa/Tamasa diet. Only consume Satwika diet. Neither too cold nor too hot (Rajasa food). Anything that has lost its natural taste should not be consumed (Tamasa food)
  17. Prostitute Lady – Sells her body to many and later realizes after many years she wasted her life. Allot time to explore good.
  18. Bird – When bird carries food in its mouth, everyone tries to get its food. When it drops the food no one will bother the bird. Wealthy man gets people, the moment the wealth goes away people leave the man.
  19. Young Lad – Be like a lad. If someone scolds you they cannot scold the Jeevathma.
  20. Kumari/Young Lady – When there are too many people, there is only gossip. Allocate time for yourself.
  21. Goldsmith – Concentrate like a goldsmith creating the necklace. To achieve your objective never move your thoughts anywhere – be focused. Do not change your objectives, fix your goals and work towards it with concentration.
  22. Sarpa/Serpent – Never stay in any place for too long. It keeps changing places. Get lots of friends. Familiarity breeds contempt. Read more, travel more. Never have only one or two friends. Keep learning more, more and more. Keep adding and adding to your friends. Travel more, and read more.
  23. Spider – Builds house using his self like Brahmam. Understand creation from a spider
  24. Wasp – Keeps stinging worms getting caught in its nest and changes the worm to a wasp. If you are in the company of good people, you become good. Beware of the company you keep.
  25. Our own body – Covered with skin which glows as long as the skin is closed. Once its open, the flesh attracts mosquitoes. Body is perishable, Jeevathma is permanent.

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