How to bring-up a Sri Vaishnava child

In many cases, parents don’t give convincing answers or ignore these the inquisitive questions of their child which makes the child loose interest on our traditional values.
We can give surfacing answers like Good health, prosperity, memory power, etc. which are true but is not sufficient. Additionally, it’s important to clarify these doubts in depth. Nowadays, children have sharp brilliance and quick grasping power.
Here are a few options that can be tried:
  1. Make him understand the concept of Karma by explaining the differences in society starting plant, animals, humans - rich, poor, healthy, diseased etc. To burn karmas, he should do everything with interest.
  2. There are 9 relations between jivatma and paramatma out of which a) Father & Son b) Friend are important in this context. When he does something to his father/friend, it should be with love and affection.
  3. Tell him the story of Ramayana & Mahabaratha by conveying the meanings in-depth in them. Make him listen to Sri Velukkudi Krishanan Sway's cds in these areas. Ask for doubts and clarify regularly.
  4. It’s important to share the story of our Azhwars & Purvacharyas, Swami Namm Azhwar, Ramanujar, Koorath Azhwan etc.
  5. Slowly educate him on the differences between body and the soul which means less importance to be given to the body.
  6. We should be doing everything as kaimkaryam that will take this soul closer to paramatma.
  7. If there are any vaishnavite classes/schools available, he can spend time during weekends.
  8. Make him participate in temple festivals and develop his interest on Archa Vigrahams.
  9. Feed him with basic books on vaishnavism.

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