Suklam bhara dharam Vishnum Shashi varnam Chathur Bhujam
[May the Lord with the qualities of Vishnu, with Pure white body, and having four arms]
Prasanna Vadanam dyayeath Sarva vignopa Shanthayeat |
[The one with light and glory, having a smiling face and remover of all obstacles]
Yashyas Varada Vardhadhya Paari shadya Parashatam
[Let he, the one who grants the boon of undisturbed devotion to my Lord Vishnu]
Vignam Nignaththi Shatatam Vishwak Senam Thamashrayeath ||
[The Remover of obstacles from my path of devotion to the Lord, I pray to the one praised as Vishwak Sena]

Sri Vishwak Sena is said to be the Commander in Chief of The Vishnu Army - The Army of zillions and zillions of SriVaishnavas. He is the first Acharya of The SriVaishnava Sampradayam and also the third in line after the Divya Dhampathis (Sriman Narayana and Sri Mahalakshmi). He has in his hand the whip with which he chases away bad thoughts from the followers of Sriman Narayana and always bestows good thoughts and actions to attain The Lotus Feet of the Lord. In his Bhooloka avatar, he came to be born as The Nammazhwar.

Salutation to Nammazhwar
mathA pithA yuvathayas tanayA vibhUthi:
sarvam yadhEva niyamEna madhanvayAnAm
Adhyasya Na: Kulapather VakuLAbhirAmam
Srimath Tadhangri YugaLam praNamAmi MoordhnA

[For me and all those associated with me,
Swamy NammAzhwAr is always the Mother, Father,
progeny , wife and all other wealth . At the most
beautiful pair of The Holy Feet of the Emperor of our
Clan - Swamy NammAzhwAr adorned with the fragrant
VakulA flower garland - I salute those
Holy Feet and bear them on my head.]
--Thaniyanor The eulogistic devotional verse praising the glory of Swamy Namm Azhwar. He is supposed to be the Shataari - the Acharya who is the bridge between the Paramaathma Sriman Naaraayana and us, the Jeevathmas.

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