Rama's Bridge connecting India to Sri Lanka (from the Tretha Yuga)

According to the latest report from the Archaeological Department of Srilanka (http://www.lankalibrary.com/geo/dera2.html), the land bridge named as Adam's Bridge is a narrow ridge of sand and rocks, mostly dry, which connects Mannar Island (Sri Lanka) with Pamban Island (India) about 18 ½ miles West-North-Westward. At high tide it is covered by c.4 ft (1.2 m) of water. (http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1E1-AdamsBri.html) The status of the bridge is still a mystery as the legends trace the bridge to have more than a million years of existence and related to the epic Ramayana. The Srilankan Archeology Department also confirms the possible duration of the bridge's existence to be around one to two million years. However the natural or man-made status of the bridge is unknown. According to the Srilankan Library archives at http://www.lankalibrary.com/geo/ancient/nasa.htm, this bridge has been in existence for 1,750,000 years. This would mean it had been there for – the last 1/16th period of the Treta Yuga (1,296,000 years/16 = 80,500) -81,000 years (1,750,000 – (864,000+5,000) = 81,000 years) in the Tretha Yuga, survived for 864,000 years of the Dwapara Yuga, and has survived for the past 5,000 years in the Kali Yuga.
NASA (http://www.nasa.gov) in its Astronaut Photo of Earth Display Records hosts a wide array of photos of Rama's Bridge made of a chain of shoals, c.18 mi (30 km) long interconnecting India with Sri Lanka.

NASA Archive Photo ID URL Links to Astronaut Photos of Earth Displays
STS033-74-74 http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/photo.pl?mission=STS033&roll=74&frame=74
STS033-78-73 http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/photo.pl?mission=STS033&roll=78&frame=73
STS51B-32-60 http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/photo.pl?mission=STS51B&roll=32&frame=60
STS044-82-075 http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/photo.pl?mission=STS044&roll=82&frame=75
STS51B-32-061 http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/photo.pl?mission=STS51B&roll=32&frame=61
STS059-229-025 http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/photo.pl?mission=STS059&roll=229&frame=25
STS059-229-026 http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/photo.pl?mission=STS059&roll=229&frame=26
STS059-231-070 http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/photo.pl?mission=STS059&roll=231&frame=70
STS059-231-071 http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/photo.pl?mission=STS059&roll=231&frame=71
STS051-98-074 http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/photo.pl?mission=STS051&roll=98&frame=74

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