Sandhya Vandhanam

Important Note:

As a Brahmin (or a Kshathriya, or a Vysya), you are supposed to perform Sandhya Vandhanam three times a day without fail. Please do not skip doing Sandhya Vandhanam. If you fail to perform Sandhya Vandhanam at the prescribed time, perform Praayaschitha Argya Pradhaanam - Offering of water in atonement - for failure to perform the worship at the proper time. Do not ever skip doing Sandhya Vandhanam three times a day.

Dwaadasa Urdhva Pundra, order & place of application, recommended size, and the associated Nama for both Thirumann and SriChurna
Forehead 4" Om Keshavaya Namaha

Chakra in all four hands
Color: Golden
Month: Maargazhi (Dec-Jan)
Rasi: Danur

Keshava Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Sriyai Namaha
Stomach or
Middle Lower Abdomen
10" Om Naaraayanaaya Namaha

Conch (Sanka) in all four hands
Color: Blue Cloud
Month: Thai (Jan-Feb)
Rasi: Makara
Sri Narayana Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Amruthothbhavaayai Namaha
Heart or
8" Om Madhavaaya Namaha

Mace in all four hands
Color: Gem
Month: Maasi (Feb-Mar)
Rasi: Kumba
Madhava Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Kamalaayai Namaha
Neck or
Middle Front Neck
4/3" Om Govindhaaya Namaha

Bow in all four hands
Color: Moon
Month: Panguni (Mar-Apr)
Rasi: Meena
Govinda  Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Chandra Shobiniyai Namaha
Right Stomach or
Right Lower Abdomen
10" Om Vishnave Namaha

Ploughshares in all four hands
Color: Lotus filament
Month: Chithrai (Apr-May)
Rasi: Mesha
Vishnu Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Vishnu Pathniyai Namaha
Right Hand 8" Om Madhusoodhanaaya Namaha

Pounding Rod in all four hands
Color: Lotus
Month: Vaikaasi (May-June)
Rasi: Rishaba
Madhusudhana Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Vaishnaviyai Namaha
Right Neck 4/3" Om Thrivikramaaya Namaha

Sword in all four hands
Color: Sparkling Fire
Month: Aani (June-July)
Rasi: Midhuna
Trivikrama Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Varaarohayai Namaha
Left Stomach or
Left Lower Abdomen
10" Om Vaamanaaya Namaha

Thunder Bolt in all four hands
Color: Rising Sun
Month: Aadi (July-Aug)
Rasi: Kataka
Vamana Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Harivallabayai Namaha
Left Hand 8" Om Sridharaaya Namaha

Axe in all four hands
Color: Lotus
Month: Aavani (Aug-Sept)
Rasi: Simha
Sridhara Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Shaaranginiyai Namaha
Left Neck 4/3" Om Hrishikeshaaya Namaha

in all four hands
Color: Lightening
Month: Purattaasi (Sept-Oct)
Rasi: Kanya
Hrishikesha  Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Dheva Dhevikaayai Namaha
Back Hip or
Back (Lower Spinal)
4/3" Om Padhmanaabhaaya Namaha

All weapons in eight hands
Color: Luster of Sun
Month: Aippasi (Oct-Nov)
Rasi: Thula
Padhmanabha Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Mahaa Lakshmiyai Namaha
Back Neck or
Back (Upper Spinal)
4/3" Om Dhaamodharaaya Namaha

Whip in all four hands
Color: Silk Worm
Month: Kaarthigai (Nov-Dec)
Rasi: Vruchika
Damodara Vyuha Dwadasa Seva Shreem Soora Soundhariyai Namaha

Sandhya Vandanam is a specially devised efficient spiritual ritual for the realization of the Divinity of the Self (Aathman).
It is a Nithya Karma or an obligatory daily ritual whose object is to bring about self-purification and attunement to Cosmic Reality.
It is an all-round complete ritual which incorporates the principles of the Supreme Divinity (Brahman).


Each part of the ritual is meant to give expression externally to an internal mental attitude and spiritual feeling (Bhava). Some necessary changes are introduced in the Mantras and ritual according to the time of the Sandhya -- dawn, noon, or sunset, and according to the Veda (Rg, Yajur, or Sama) to which the votary is affiliated. However, the main purpose as well as most of the Mantras, the procedures, and rituals are all common.

The procedure involves :

1. Achamanam :
Sipping a little water, in the prescribed manner, for selfpurification, remembering the Supreme All-pervading Reality.

2. Apo-Marjanam :
Invoking all the waters of the earth which form the cause of the emergence and sustenance of all life, by sprinkling water on oneself, to enable one to be attuned to the cosmic life and reality.

3. Pranayama :
Regulated breathing, as per prescription, for establishing psycho-somatic harmony, using the Gayatri-Mantra.

4. Punar-Achamanam :
Again sipping water with appropriate Mantras for the removal of all sins and obstacles, attuning oneself to the light-giving sun in the morning, to the life-giving waters at noon and to the heat-giving fire in the evening, which are the means of all our life and activity, and as such are termed as the sources of Immortality (Amrta-yoni).

5. Punar-Marjanam :
Again sprinkling water over oneself with the Gayatri and other Mantras praying for welfare here in the world and highest spiritual attainment hereafter.

6. Aghamarsanam :
Repeating the cosmic creation Mantras, feeling oneself as a part of it, to remove the limitations of personality.

7. Suryopasthanam :
Invoking the Sun-God who brings life and light to the world and attuning the mind to the Divine in the Sun and to all the cosmic surroundings.

8. Gayatri-Upasanam :
First the Divine Gayatri is invoked as the source of the Vedas and then the different Worlds and the Supreme Divinity are located in the various limbs of one's body by touching them while uttering the Gayatri-Mantra, along with the Vyahrti (Bhuh, Bhuvah, Svah). This process of locating is known as Anga-Nyasa. This is followed by the Japa and meditaion of the Gayatri-Mantra for as long as one can do conveniently, fixing, however, a decent minimum number of times for the Japa. For meditation Gayatri is conceived in the form of a luminous Goddess illuminating the Heart and removing all darkness of Ignorance.

9. Visarjanam :
Valediction. Praying to the Goddess to retire, to return again when invoked. Salutations are offered with devotion.

10. Antya-prakaranani :
Ending. Now, concluding the Upasana, protection against all wrongs and evils is sought and salutations are offered to the Sun-God and other Cosmic divinities. Forgiveness is sought for any flaws or lacunae in the uttering of the Mantras and the performance of the rituals and the Supreme Being is remembered to make them complete. The Upasana is concluded with the offering of salutations.

Preparation for the Performance of Sandhya :
Before performing the Sandhya, one should be physically clean, mentally calm and restrained and have a prayerful attitude. One should sit in a clean quiet place on a mat or Deer-skin, in a straight position with legs tucked in (ordinary Padmasana).

Each of the seven significant Vyaahurthis (Lokas/Galaxies) in an Andakataha have an associated Maha Rishi, a frequency, and a Deva Devatha associated with it. Consequently, before invoking a Vyaahurthi (Loka/Galaxy) in a manthra, it is appropriate to also invoke the associated Maha Rishi, Chandhas (frequency), and the associated Deva Devatha. They are detailed in the following table below :

Vyaahurthi (Lokas/Galaxies)
Maha Rishi
Chandhas (frequency)
Deva Devatha
Buhu Athri Gayathri Agni
Bhuvaha Brighu Ushnik Vaayu
Suvaha Guthsa Anushtup Argha
Mahaha Vashishta Brihathi Vaageesha
Janaha Gouthama Bunkthi Varuna
Thapaha Kaashyapa Thrushtip Indhra
Sathyam Aangeerasaha Jagath Vishwa

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