Sri Rama Paadukas - The Paadukas that ruled a Nation

Sri Rama Padukas

Srimad Vedanta Desika in talking about the Paaduka Pattabhishekam notes thusly:
  • Kaikeyi wanted Bharatha to rule.
  • Dasaratha and the citizens wanted Sri Rama to rule.
  • But ultimately, it was Sri Rama's Paadukas that ruled the nation.
Later, Sri Rama had to do saranagathi to the ocean. Srimad Vedanta Desika enquires why. He says it is because the Thirumanjana Theertham from this Paadukas mixed with the Sarayu water, which in turn mixed with the ocean. Thats why Sri Rama himself had to do saranagathi to the ocean. Also, even if the whole sky is the paper and the whole ocean is the ink, one can only try to write the glories of Sri Rangantha's (Sri Rama's) Paadhuka. Such is the greatness of the Paadhuka according to Srimad Vedanta Desika.

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